View Full Version : Tuesday Obama speech...UGH!

09-10-2013, 08:27 PM
So predictable!

Painting a picture of all the dead & dying children, devastation indeed! The talk was indicative of leading with the heart, not the mind (which I'm sure is all BS). Then to lay it on Congress, which happens to be Republican majority, to make the decision. Of course there's a 10:1 NO vote at the moment and that's gonna continue the depiction of Republicans being heartless azzholes that want kids to suffer & die and to shove grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair.

I'm not Republican, them whimps are too sissy-azzed for me to be with them, but I used to be. Do I care if children are being gassed? Well hell yeah, I'd shoot the SOB that did it if it were up to me. But this is obviously (maybe not to many) just a marketing strategy to say "Liberal, Democrat Progressives are the only ones who care for people" and "Conservative, Constitutionalists" are heartless, big corporation lovers.

Again... UGH!!!!