View Full Version : 13' 9" Gator Caught & Skinned at Carolina Creek

05-22-2014, 10:21 PM
A big alligator, 13' 9" was caught & killed on Carolina Creek recently. Many locals confirm the catch.

I don't have pics yet but my dad, friends & neighbors confirm.
Reports of several other alligators from 7' up were also culled.

Apparently the local Christian Camp got tags from TPW to eradicate gators in the area of the kid's swimming areas.

Anyone who knows the creek & Thomas Lake area will know the creek is pretty small & getting gators of that size from it is mind boggling.

As I've said so many times, the Lake Livingston area needs to be regarded as a gator hole. Don't let your guard down.

Photos as I can get them.


05-23-2014, 06:36 PM
man,,,,that is a lot of boots!!!!! I think there are more up their the same size or bigger!

05-24-2014, 09:48 PM
Pic of the critter