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10-04-2012, 11:20 PM
About 4:30 PM today we had just gotten home from some shopping & in town business. As I was unloading the car in the garage the house shook, lights flickered & I first thought earthquake. Then, in a 10th of a second, I remembered I wasn't in Califorication any longer. Then the second 10th of a second passed & I thought a car or truck blew through the fence & hit the house. Then the 3rd 10th of a second passed & I thought maybe a small plane clipped the top of the house. I stood for a few moments & all was settled. No explosions, parachuting Afghani's, no giant worms emerging from the ground.

It turns out that a truck hauling a grader & roller clipped the power cables heading to our house from across the street. The event tore the weather head on the house up, bounced the meter box & secondary off the house, ripped up the 1/0 running into the main panel, knocked the pole in the yard about 15 off kilter, dragged the 220 cable to the opposite side of the property into the pasture to the east, damned near smoked the entire can on the pole and tilted the pole can pole. The roof also took damage and the DirecTV dish got beat.

McCarty Electric showed up within about 15-20 minutes, accessed what parts were needed & took off to the supplier just after 5:00 PM. Entergy passed McCarty on the road outta here, exchanged notes, and Entergy crew was here. McCarty replaced everything on the house (meter box, secondary box, vertical conduit, weather head), bing, bang, done. Entergy, cleanup dead cable, reset the pole with some awesome expanding foam on both sides of the road, new cable across the road to our pole, pole to house, bing, bang, house lit up.

Turned out to be a more exciting Thursday afternoon than expected. Electric is all back to normal as far as we've been able to tell so far. Roof repair & satellite dish replacement are next. All not expected & made for a weird afternoon.

Now the big question. Was the power cable from across the road (Entergy) too low or was the equipment truck (Mustang Cat Rental) too tall? This is a story that will need to be told at another time. I just hope our "out of pocket" is covered one way or the other. The best thing for the moment? We're back online where our businesses are.

Thanks for reading

10-05-2012, 12:46 PM
hell, i would have used the down time to check out the pond down the road!!!!!!:devil::laugh:

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Naah .. Karl was worried about his beer getting warm! :headwall: :roll:

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That's the important stuff. Gotta have cold beer.

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Hell yeah!! :pimp: