View Full Version : Fish Recipies

11-16-2012, 08:30 PM
Who's got some good fish recipes? Let us know :thumbsup:

For one, I start off soaking my fillets in mustard water to leech out any possible foul taste.
Mustard water is just squirtin about 2 tablespoons of plain yellow mustard into a couple quarts of water, adjust for bigger quantities. The mustard works kinda like putting it on a bee sting I suppose, not sure, but it works in taking any nasty taste out of the fish.

For another, I have a go-to seasoning, country seasoning. Mix up equal parts salt, pepper & garlic powder. I try to do 1/4 cup each of salt, pepper & garlic powder keep it in the cupboard in a mason jar for the following weeks of cooking. I use that on most all my fish. My lady doesn't like spicy stuff so I don't do more in general. For myself I mix in Chachere's & Louisiana Hot Sauce on thangs. Tobasco is fine but it's over priced, and there ain't no substitute for Chachere's unless you make your own.

What y'all got for cookin out there?