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    Lowrance Help Topics, Networking Diagrams, Troubleshooting

    Below are a couple diagrams of a Lowrance NMEA 2000 Network. I found the diagrams online and modified them to help you during installation. These include wiring of the power cable and a typical red network bus.

    This power cable diagram does not apply to HDS units it is meant for the LCX/LMS units please see your manual for proper NMEA2000 powering options for the HDS units.

    Some boats come pre-rigged withe NMEA2000 network backbone from the boat manufacturer and may use a Power Node to supply power the network. This Power Node is hooked directly into a Tee in the network bus. If your boat has one of these on the network DO NOT power the NMEA power wires from either graph. It is already done. Powering it twice will cause damage to the Module, graph and any sensors. I could not find an online picture of the red power node, but the concept is the same.

    Note** HDS Models would require a Power node to supply power to the Network Bus. This diagram below shows the network bus configured for networking 2 LMS or LCX units to one GPS module


    Networking HDS Models with NMEA2000
    The Diagram below shows adding an external antenna, which is optional. If you are not hooking up an external antenna get rid of the extra Tee in the diagram.
    Please note if you are only interested in waypoint sharing all you need to do is connect the two HDS units with an Ethernet cable. No NMEA Network is required unless you are using network sensors like temperature, fuel, interface cables or an external gps module.
    The NMEA Network is totally expandable, just remove the terminator, add a Tee to plug in your new sensor and replace the terminator back on the new end. It's that easy!

    Two HDS units Networked
    * if you are still using an older LMS or LCX unit which is networked to an HDS unit it can still power the nmea network through its power cable. (HDS units can not do this) If you are switching to all HDS units you have to buy the NMEA Power node to power the network, shown in the diagram below.

    One HDS unit with LGC-4000 antenna
    This diagram could also be used as a guide for One HDS unit with Sonic Hub

    Network HDS to LMS or LCX unit to share the HDS internal GPS antenna


    Waypoint sharing between units, clarification

    Waypoint sharing with LMS or LCX units: A NMEA 2000 network must be used to share waypoints between these units. Ethernet will not allow waypoint sharing, only HDS models can use Ethernet for waypoints. Waypoint sharing with these older models will not automatically transfer all of your waypoints from one unit to another unit. This must be done manually with a card. Waypoint sharing works "one at a time" as you first create the waypoint, it will then transfer that data to the other unit. Both units must be powered on for it to transfer.

    Wapoint sharing with HDS models: Ethernet will share waypoints as well as NMEA 2000. But with the Ethernet you will have advanced or enhanced waypoint sharing and editing which means the two units will auto synch with each other once connected and turned on. No manual tranfers needed. This is a great feature. You can edit a waypoint on one unit and the changes are made to the other(s) automatically once they are turned on. Other units do not have to be on during waypoint creation. Once connected it will synchronize the other units.
    Please note that the HDS5X model can be used to create and send a waypoint to other units in the network as long as it is networked to another unit which has GPS by using a NMEA2000 or 0183 network. Ethernet alone will not allow a 5X model to send waypoint information.


    Wiring options for Structure Scan Module (LSS-1)


    Updating software in older units which came with the LGC2000 GPS Module
    Before doing the update to the unit you must make sure the update to the LGC2000 antenna is done first. This is very important. Read the update instructions page for the LGC2000 antenna, it tells you how to identify which version your antenna currently is using. If you do not update the antenna before updating the unit you will lose connectivity with the antenna and have to get it fixed or possibly replaced.
    I would suggest that you verify the antenna update has completed successfully before moving on to the next step of updating the head unit.

    Use a smaller size SD card for updating older units using the LGC2000
    Some older units worked better if the card was smaller than 1 gig, a 256mb or 512mb SD would work great.

    Lowrance media card compatability chart

    The following contributed by champ203rude Thanks
    Updating some units which use the LGC12W antenna ( ex. LCX-15MT)

    It has to be the old MMC card style.... and has to be 512MB or smaller.


    1) The card is 512MB or smaller !

    2) Looking at the MMC card, there must only be 7 copper strips exposed ... not the 9 that show on the newer SD cards that are same size but are *not* the old MMC card.

    If when u are putting in the bad card type the unit just kind of blinks with some icon at the bottom and doesn't seem to work... then u are failing due to card type. I had to go on web and find the old MMC cards. I bought them at

    A Software update instructional video posted on Youtube

    An HDS unit software update tutorial video from Lowrance

    Link for information on HDS Insight Mapping

    Viewing your unit from inside your house:
    First you will need an extra power cable for your unit. You can purchase the regular power cable or get one that has the cig-lighter end on it. There are a few ways to power it from inside but i went to Radio Shack and bout a power supply w/lighter socket outlet. That part no is 22-165 and got the lighter plug to connect to my power cable and that part number is 270-035. Always make sure you have the correct fuse size for the unit.

    Power supply: Enercell 12V/1A Power Supply w/ Vehicle Power Socket : Power Supplies |

    Lighter Plug: Enercell 12VDC/7.5A Vehicle Power Plug w/ LED : Vehicle Power Plugs |

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    that looks like great info.......thanks red!!

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    I finally read through this, great info! But now I want to spend more money and get another LCX unit for my bow & get them networked

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