• The Rod Condom Review

    There are many fishing rod protectors out on the market today, but one that stands out in front is The Rod Condom.

    I received my package of Rod Condoms over a month ago & set them aside until I was ready to give them a try & see how the review was going to play out. I since got wrapped up in projects, misplaced and found the package a few times and just plain ol put it off.

    I broke them out for this past weekend's trip to Fayette County Lake and now I'm kicking myself in the butt for not pulling them outta the day I got them. But I just hadn't been fishing much at all and I wanted to put them to use in real world situations. My only regret about using them on Fayette is that I didn't take pictures on them in action out there on the lake.

    The review:

    First off, I notice the quality of construction. Very cleanly made with attention to detail. The ends are nicely dipped in a rubber compound that keeps them from fraying plus this allows Darin (the maker of these jewels) to print the rod length at the opening for easy rod identification.

    As I unrolled a Rod Condom to slip over a stick, I notice they seem narrower than others I've used. This clearly was an advantage and not a down fall. The mesh material is slick and flexible enough to slide on to the rod very easily but will snug up on the rod enough that you can grab the closed end and hang the rod by the tip. My fishing partner, Steve of Karnie Krawlers, noted that if there were a small grommet in the tip, rods could be hung on the wall for storage. I'm not sure how that would affect the floating but I bet a small aluminum grommet would hurt it's buoyancy.

    Speaking of floating... They sure do!! We dropped one overboard to give it a Russian Baby Swimming Lesson and it lived up to it's claim. They float tip up, due to the foam that's been inserted, which also acts as tip top protection. Now along these lines, I wish we had done the float test with one that had brightly colored rubber dip, we dropped a black rubber dipped one in & it was a little tough to find in the stained water. It was found though and it dried very quickly.

    The fit of these gems is right on as well. On a 6'-6" rod, the 6'-6" Rod Condom pulls right up to the keeper and has a snug enough fit to stay where you put it. Same with the other sizes I have. Getting the Rod Condom off is like butter on Teflon though. Very well designed!

    Between the construction, fit, floating and appearance, I found these rod protectors to a win, win, win, win. I'll be ordering more very soon, I need a few more casting models and want enough to cover all our spinning rods here. The Rod Condom is a fantastic product and I would encourage anyone that is in the market for rod protection to seriously look into them!

    Contact information for The Rod Condom:

    Website: http://www.therodcondom.com/
    Email: therodcondom@yahoo.com
    Phone: 210-413-5067
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