• Vicious Fluorocarbon Line Is Vicious On Anglers

    I recently tried Vicious fluoro in the green box that I picked up at Walmart. YUK!
    Before heading to Toledo Bend for the weekend I loaded a few reels up with 1/2 mono backing and put on Vicious 12# fluorocarbon with uni to uni knots.

    The first day of use the line seemed fine. It casted well, had knot strength & seemed to be a decent line. I could definitely feel the bottom better.

    The second day is when things started going sour. The dang stuff had developed memory overnight and I was fighting birdnests, one after another. It was a bit frustrating, dragging the line out behind the boat & straitening it the line, but it behaved for a little while after.

    Then towards the end of the 2nd day, before weigh in, I chunked a t-rigged u-tail with 3/8 oz weight and the line broke about 15 feet back, sailing the worm, weight and what looked like a flying spiderweb strand off into the drink. I chalked it up to an un-noticed nick in the line or something & packed it in for the day.

    Day three was full of break offs. It start with the same rod that had the line break the day before, loosing a spinnerbait. I put that rod back in the locker as I had 3 other rods spooled with the Vicious stuff. Not an hour later, on another rod, there goes a new Rat-L-Trap to the bottom of The Bend. I pulled out a bunch of line & checked for cuts in it and it seemed usable so I tied on a suspending jerkbait and about 15 minutes into that, the line breaks again, in mid-flight. That bait I was able to recover and I put that rod away as well.

    I switched to rods that weren't loaded with Vicious and finished out the day without another break-off.

    A couple of weeks later I tried using the remain 2 rods out at Raven & lost two new Strike King Denny Brauer Jigs the same way, breaking off mid-flight.

    I'm not sure if it was just a bad batch of Vicious fluoro that I got or what, but I'm not inclined to try it ever again. There only one chance to make a first impression and Vicious sure made one. A bad one.
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