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    Ok so I finally spent some time in the shoes. They are very light weight. Easy to walk in. I spent time in them right out of the box and was very comfortable but after a little bit of time the insoles started irritating my feet. So I replaced them with some insoles from some Academy brand water shoes and that helped out. Will be looking at some other waterproof insoles. Such some from Aftco. Also not to keen on the velcro strap. I could get them snug enough for comfort but could be tighter. Just my thoughts. I'd probably go a different route next time for the price.
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    1. pYr8's Avatar
      pYr8 -
      Good info Eddie!
      I still want to try them shoes but I may change my mind now...
    1. kelloggs's Avatar
      kelloggs -
      Bass Pro is carrying them now.
    1. pYr8's Avatar
      pYr8 -
      I got a new (worn once) pair of Zeko's from a buddy a while back & I love them! For my feet & situations they are awesome. I waited to to post until I wore them for a while & now I'm convinced. I feel soooo much less fatigued after a day on water it's incredible.
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      BillJackson -
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