• Old School Prefishing

    There's a couple things I look for before I'm going fishing, especially for bass.
    One is cattle feeding up on legs. The other is following my dogs.

    Tonight, as for the canine side... it shut down after dark.

    We walked the property for quite a while and couldn't pull any excitement. I trust these Ridgebacks with my life so hunting/fishing is a no brainer.

    The dogs had a hunt on for a field mouse in the hedge line late in the daylight but they failed on that critter. The last I saw it was under one of my vehicles, I hope it didn't decide to nest in the car...

    I went for a walk with the scent hound of the two Ridgebacks (the younger of the two) well into the dark tonight & we didn't find any activity. I'm thinking the 14th, 15th & 16th will start turning on for animal activity with the moon phases.

    I have a tournament this coming weekend, so I'll be working with our Ridgebacks until Thursday night. I'll be heading out to Lake Palestine around 04:00 on Friday with my partner.

    I'm dead set on getting 5 keeper bass to the scales from here on out in this Nation series, may a herd of elephants try to stop me!
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    1. cwill's Avatar
      cwill -
      Never heard of following your dogs for insight on fishing
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