• McCain Hi-Performance Rods

    After visiting the McCain Hi-Performance Rods booth at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Houston, I decided to try to connect with them and ask to become a Pro-Staffer. After some talking with Russell Paskett, McCain's sales manager, I was accepted.

    I was very impressed with the quality & price point of their rods while inspecting them. I was also impressed with the representation and warranty of this product. McCain rods are among the most sensitive fishing rods I've laid my hands on. Just dragging the tip across the carpet of the booth at the Classic Expo told me that. The fit & finish was just as nice. Good looking & well made to boot.

    Check out these fine ass rods online at McCain Hi-Performance Rods! If you like what you see, hit me up for a HUGE discount on your rod order!!

    Thank you,

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    1. pYr8's Avatar
      pYr8 -
      McCain Rods are awesome! Caught every fish I hooked!

      More to come!!
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