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Thread: Hey Robert

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    Craig If you tried them you would be getting them as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedsBaits View Post
    Craig I you tried them you would be getting them as well.
    No doubt there great. I used the one on the old Charger a lot.

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    When i was out last week with Bernard we were wind drifting along a bank wormin and it was a bit fast. He dropped the paddles for the 1st time since he installed em & we slowed about 75% & started catchin. They also came in handy when dealing with tackle issues & not wanting to get blown off a spot.

    If a pair didn't cost as much as we paid for the whole damned boat I'd think about installing
    Then again, I could always move them to the next ride, hmmmm.... Don't tell Gail but I'm scheming

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    As Karl said, this was the first time to use the drift paddles. After lowering the PP's in the water we almost came to a complete stop. I had to use the trolling motor at times to move us along. I was able to anchor the boat later when I had to retie a bait but had no problems even with the paddles on the poles. Although I am very pleased with my setup, I just wish they weren't so damn expensive! I waited until I could see the 10' poles at the bass classic before I purchased my 8' 's. The 10' poles just looked a little too tall for me but I could see a use for them if you normally fish deep water lakes. Also the new short brackets for the jackplate are a must have. My poles are very stable. At the classic I noticed a number of the pros boats with Talons and PP's coming out of the water with their poles bent all out of position on the older brackets. Even seen some trying to bend their poles back into position at the ramp. A while back I followed a skeeter down the highway with one 10' pole on one of the older long brackets and it was shaking all over the place every time he hit a bump in the road.

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