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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    Yea, I took a jab at Al for making me take down my siggy but it was not meant to stir the pot and It was not meant to be a malicious jab. I said as a joke to him. But instead of him asking what I meant and if I was trying to stir things up again he bans me and locks the thread. I have no idea what he means as far as behind the scenes stuff. All we did was IM back and forth to solve the problem a couple of weeks ago and the only thing I can figure is he took my advise the wrong way.
    Hell, I don't get any biz from BBC for the ranch. All my biz comes from TFF and THF. I didn't have a problem taking it down, but like Cork said, why did he wait 2-3 years to do it. For some unknown reason to me, it seems he was targeting me. I think he just misunderstood the whole thing.

    For the guys that stood up for me,,,A BIG J&A THANKS,,, :) And for the ones that reacted on this without knowing the facts from my side :evil:

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    Yea, he banned me so I can't speak the truth.
    I hope he calls you John, and you can put your siggy here. This is a fishing forum not a hunting forum.

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    Yea Robert, he's suppose to be getting in touch with you, said he wants to try and get things worked out.

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    Stompy, fyi, Al posted the reason he asked you to remove your sig was because someone complained about it. I have to agree with other about all the drama getting old. It is getting hard to know what to post or not for fear of hurting someones feelings.

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    1 person complained in 2-3 years...Hell, I don't care, I'm done with the whole mess. It was mostly about what happened 2 weeks ago and he totally misunderstood what I was telling him in PM's. I explained to him over the phone what I meant in those PM's. He admitted that he took those wrong and now understands the point I was trying to get across. All is well and good now.

    Time To Move On,,, :)

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    Well I sent AL a email since I cn't post or pm anymore on the bbc.

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    Roy, you had nothing to do with this. Al was gunning for Stompy pure and simple. He was looking for an excuse to do what he did.

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    Re: I Got Banned On BBC

    That's right Roy,,we're good, this had nothing to do with what you posted. As stated, it's all over now, he misunderstood my comments from a couple of weeks ago. I got to tell y'all, he is about as nice and polite person as you would want to meet. He's nothing like he is on the computer. We talked about 30 minutes about all sorts of stuff, mostly about Texas. We probably only spent a couple of minutes talking about the situation that had happened. He's nothing like you would think he would be....Not that we're best friends now or anything but I have a different idea of him since we spoke on the phone.

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