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Thread: Lake Raven

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    Lake Raven

    Well, I finally got down to Raven a couple days ago for the first time. I'm kinda embarrassed it took me this long cuz it's only about 20 minutes away

    I just went down to check out the water condition after the rains we had and to maybe chunk a bait or 2. I launched at about 1:20PM and by 1:30 I had fish on.

    I started out crankin a 1/2oz red Cordell Spot outside the pads & had a pound & a half on the 3rd cast. That got me thinking I might stay a little longer than I had planned. I moved into the pads & switched to a Top Toad frog, Catalpa color, and picked up a 4.2lb fighter. Luckily the pads weren't thick cuz I forgot to bring a reel loaded with braid. Fishin pads with 12# mono can leave you broke off more often than not. I switch to a chartreuse/white spinnerbait & BAM again. This was some fun! I wasn't out to slam a bunch of fish, just testing the waters, so I moved on.

    I putt-putted down towards the dam & thought I'd try the timber from crappie. Broke out the fly rod with a spinning reel on it, tied on a 1/8oz jig head & red/white tube & dropped it down about 10ft on the timber. Something grabbed it & never looked back, broke me off before I could get my drag loosened up. Prolly a bucket mouth but if it was crappie it was a record breaker!

    I picked off a few more bass, schoolers, in open water on tube baits & swim baits before I got off the water & summed up Raven as a fantastic fishery. I could kick myself for not getting down there until now. Now I gotta get down the road & try out the local pond. That's only 1-2 minutes away & haven't fished it either

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    a great job karl!!! congrats!!! raven has always been a great is about 2 1/2 hrs for me.......

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