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    Finally got the boat out this evening. Launched at the 19 ramp just before 5:00. It was more for running the motor through the RPM range than fishing but I did take 3 rods with. The boat is running better but not where that 125 merc needs to be. Topped out at 47.2 @ 5500 RPM which is better than I've seen in a while. The idle circuit and the transition around 2500 are still kinda choppy. I put in 10 gallons of Shell 93 octane & 10 oz of SeaFoam on teh way to the ramp. When the premium is run out I'll go back to regular, I just used it this time for the additional detergent properties it has.

    Didn't boat any fish. Had a few hits while flippin a black/blue Strike King Premium Pro rattlin jig tipped with a blue craw. Had a roll on a Mardigras Red spinnerbait but couldn't get a comeback.

    It was beautiful on the river tonight, shoulda grabbed some pics. Next time.

    Tomorrow it's time for me to get off my butt & do a review of Darin's Rod Condoms. They arrived weeks ago but I haven't had time to get it done. Now I'm scheduling time, they look great!

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    glad ya got out for some "me" time on the water.......always fun and looking forward to your report on the condoms.........

    flags and handlebars should never touch the ground!!

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    yea karl get off the couch! lol

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