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Thread: Conroe Sunday

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    Conroe Sunday

    So I went with a buddy and fished Conroe Sunday and only managed one keeper and that was towards the end of the day. Probably would have been better if it had warmed up sooner. Had a mix of dirty water and some areas that was clear. But got some places to go back for the Fed tourney in March.

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    Conroe is a tough place to figure em out!!!!! glad your scouting paid out tho........

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    Yeah, Conroe can be a pain. Really need to reach into your bag of fundamentals and work hard. It gets a lot of pressure from anglers and lake lice so beating the bank can be unproductive. It gets that washing machine effect pretty quick as well because of all the bulkheads.

    My next time there I'm gonna search for the forage & see if I can pattern them. We all know the bass will follow the food. I'll see if I can hit it several time in a row to see where the shad are moving & if there's any rhyme or reason to their movements.

    March may well have spawning action, though I would doubt the bass can spawn deeper there like they can at Rayburn.

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