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    Well, I finally got Gail to the doc today without pulling back a bloody stump
    The down side is the old "I told ya so"... fractured hip. She swore nothing was broke and is a tough, stubborn gal so she knew I was wrong.

    The surgery is planned for tomorrow morning here at Huntsville Memorial Hospital & I'm sure hoping the orthopedic surgeon is talented, the fall was back on 3/4/15 so there's been 5 weeks of remodeling

    I'll post after the surgery or when I know more, but at least Gail is in professional hands and not waiting on me to break out some Milwaukee power tools, stainless plates & screws to fix her up...

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    that is great news that you finally got her to go. sorry to hear of the damage tho.....thoughts and prayers to y'all !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great new Karl! Hope she heals fast.

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