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  1. Hello from Florida

    My name is Austin...I am the Founder of Bass Attack Trail which is a tournament trail covering Central Florida. I started the trail in June 2011 and we are now in our second season and growing strong. If you're ever in the area, look us up.

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    Welcome aboard Austin, enjoyed meeting you at Icast 2012. Bring all your buddies to the forum. Y'all have to watch out for a few lose nuts around here. They are rusty and cross threaded.

    We sell custom plastics
    Lew's & Duckett Products.

  3. Thanks for the welcome...I too enjoyed making a friend at iCAST 2012. I will get some of the anglers over here. Oh...and thanks for the warning.

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    welcome!!!! just do like i do.........keep a can of wd-40 nearby!!!!!!!!!!

    flags and handlebars should never touch the ground!!

  5. Thanks for the survival

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    Welcome Austin....

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