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    Interaction with Congressman Kevin Brady, 8th US district (screwed)

    This started towards the end of August, sent through the congressional website and using a gmail reply address.

    To my surprise (not) as of tonight, there's no record in my email of ever sending it, even though I had a reply (pretty much a form letter) from the congressman. I replied to that letter tonight and is bounced and on top of that, there's no record of his response, which I should have copied.

    I wonder if it had to do with my comments about Boehner or my opinions on Syria? Maybe it was my more insistent prodding on the Obama care thing. Who knows, but I got screwed...

    Anyway, here's how it started. Unfortunately it's a one-sided, go nowhere thing as the "powers that be" dumped everything else.

    Hello Congressman Kevin Brady-

    I am interested in your stance regarding The Affordable Healthcare Act. If you could please elaborate or point me to press releases, I'd appreciate it.

    I am also interested on your views of the actions of the Executive Office over the past five years. Here again, if you could please elaborate or point me to press releases, I'd appreciate it.

    I apologize for my ignorance regarding your beliefs, standards and office's stance. I receive no information from the media about you.

    Thank you for your time. If the circumstances ever arise, I offer to take you to lunch as a small gesture of gratitude for your service.

    Thanks you,
    Karl Engstrom

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    he is just pissed cause ya didn't offer to take him fishin!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    flags and handlebars should never touch the ground!!

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